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What is Computer Science and why is it important? 💻🗣

study of computers and computing

Computer Science is the study of computers and computing. A few of the things Computer Science looks at include:

- algorithms

- computation

- information

- software

- hardware

- security

Computer Science is extremely important to the world today. A perfect example is how you're able to read this text right now, and I'm able to communicate these messages to you, through your screen and device 😄.

Once you realise the further numerous applications of Computer Science in our daily lives, it seems even more amazing! Just take a moment to think about how the computers 🖥 and phones 📱around us use Computer Science. Communication on a global scale is hugely reliant on Computer Science.

Computer Science is key in solving problems and increasing the efficiency of certain processes. One of the first things that may also come to mind is Artificial Intelligence (AI). In addition to AI saving millions of hours of humans' time, they are also recognising patterns which humans would not be able to. The applications of AI are endless. AI ranges from being able to predict diseases from simple information and photos, to self-driving cars 🚗, to chatbots, which act just like us!

So, I hope you have a better understanding of what and how Computer Science is used today! Feel free to check out some of the other blog posts too!

Thanks! ☺️


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