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Computer Science Security

Security is extremely important to Computer Science and to computers 🖥.

Any possible or existing security vulnerabilities or issues in a computer system can be harmful to the computer, and to the data stored on the computer, and in turn, to users of the computer system.

Hackers are individuals who try to gain unlawful access to a computer system or data.

There are a few forms of how hackers might attempt to harm computers or steal data:

- malware (software installed onto your computer which may damage your computer)

- spyware (software installed which allows hackers to track the keys you press)

- phishing (eg. usually in the forms of emails, pretending to be someone else)

Malware and spyware can be downloaded when you click on a link, perhaps from an email.

The computer systems we use, whether that is for personal use (in homes 🏠), or in offices 🏢, can contain private and sensitive data. This data might contain addresses, healthcare records, bank details, etc.. Therefore, it is important to protect this data, and the computer system.

To decrease the chances of data being stolen or computers being damaged, there are precautions which can be taken:

- installing a firewall onto your computer

- setting strong passwords for websites which require one

- not clicking on links unless you trust the person who sent them

Therefore, strong security is important to computer systems and the users of it.

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