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Programming with Python- Arrays

Array Programming

Arrays are a data structure which can hold a number of items / elements.

Each item / element of an array can be accessed by referring to its index number in the array.

furniture = ["table", "sofa", "chair", "bed"]

Here, we have an array called furniture, which stores the names of different items of furniture 🪑🛏.

The first item of the array is stored at index 0, and has value "table".

print (furniture[0])

This would print "table".

We can also change the value of an item, by setting it to something else.

furniture[2] = "armchair"

This would change the item located at index 2 ("chair"), to "armchair".

Let's say we have already created our array. We can add it to by appending a value.

furniture.append("coffee table")

This would add the item "coffee table" to the end of the array.

Have a go at creating different arrays in Python

Thanks ☺️


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