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In Computer Science, databases are an organised collection of information or data 📃. They are usually stored on a computer system and are accessed by a computer system 🖥.

For example, databases can be used by companies to store information relating to their customers. There are numerous examples of this. In other words, any data about a particular thing or things can form a database.

A database can be thought of as rows and columns, like a table. To write and query data, Structured Query Language (SQL) is used.

Access to a database is provided by a databases management system (DBMS), which gives users of the database the ability to interact with and extract various data from the database, in response to a query which can be made. There are different types of DMBS, such as flat and relational.

A database is either a file or set of files, the data in which can be further divided into records. Each record contains one or more than one fields.

Databases records, fields, and files can be organised in ways which make it effective to find data.

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