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Communication and Networking

In Computer Science, communication and networking plays an important role. To summarise, it concerns the implementation of networks which allow computers to communicate with each other. 🗣

There are two main types of networks:

- LAN (Local Area Network)

- WAN (Wide Area Network)

A LAN connects devices close together, perhaps all devices in one office site. However, a WAN connects devices further apart, maybe groups of devices in different office locations. 🏢

These computers can be allowed to communicate through radio wave transmissions, telephone lines, copper cables, fibre optic cables, etc..

Protocols (eg. HTTP, hypertext transfer protocol) are a group of rules which dictate how data can be transmitted or transferred between different computers. 🖥

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses allow for devices on the internet to be identified and are unique to each device.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are companies that allow us to access the internet, a way for all computers to communicate.

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