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About us-CodeHand

CodeHand is a social enterprise and has been founded by a Computer Science enthusiast from London, United Kingdom. 


The main aim of CodeHand is to provide direct support to learners, which can be in the form of live sessions, where a particular concept can be taught, or specific questions answered. Here, learners will be able to ask the important questions, and receive clear answers to the basics, providing a strong foundation for their future in Computer Science and  programming. Sessions cover Computer Science (theoretical), Programming (Python 3), Artificial Intelligence (concepts and applications), Robotics and Problem Solving. 

The Founder of CodeHand and its team members are passionate about studying how Machine Learning can be applied to predict or diagnose chronic diseases such as Cardiovascular disease and Alzheimers' disease. In recent years, a vast amount of healthcare data has been made available, and this a fantastic opportunity to study this complex data in order to understand and implement algorithms with improved accuracy. If chronic diseases can be identified at early stages, then this can save the lives of millions of people.

The purpose of CodeHand is to use our shared knowledge and experience of Computer Science to teach those who are interested in learning and who have limited learning resources available to them. In addition, CodeHand is an effort to bring together independent researchers with a common passion and dedication of applying innovative artificial learning solutions to improve  the welfare of society.

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